Sopley Garage – ‘Introduction to your Car’ Car Maintenance Course

The “how to” guide to good car ownership

We appreciate that not everyone is as experienced with vehicles and basic maintenance as we are. This is why, at Sopley Garage, we offer a beginner’s car maintenance course in car ownership, covering checks, basic maintenance and the general upkeep of your car.

For everyone who wants to know more about what makes the engine tick, including learners, new drivers and experienced motorists, this one-hour session is an ideal spark plug to ignite your knowledge.

Basic maintenance and checks can prevent small issues from becoming larger issues. Aside from the inconvenience caused by bigger problems, such as breakdowns or engine failures, the cost can often be excessive when compared to the cost of checking fluid levels and keeping tyre pressures at their optimum level.

Even more importantly, these basic checks ensure that your car is as safe as possible for you to continue using. The cost of a police ticket for a faulty light or low tyre tread can be substantial, but the cost of accident repairs is normally far greater.

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Our beginners’ car maintenance course includes important safety and maintenance checks, including lights, wipers, tyre pressure and essential fluid levels, as well as easy, step by step instruction on how to safely and comfortably replace a wheel, either at the roadside or on your driveway.

We first developed this course with women in mind at a time when garages were still a very male-dominated environment. Whilst this perception is slowly changing, we still appreciate that it can be quite intimidating, for both men and women to arrive at a new garage with little knowledge of what is wrong with your vehicle.

You’ll be guided through the course by one of our partners, Jo, who, whilst she’s a whizz at number crunching and greets all our customers with a smile, you don’t often see her in the service bay getting her hands dirty. Jo has helped hundreds of motorists to feel more comfortable and confident in managing their car’s maintenance, as well as when approaching professionals for further assistance. Her motto is if she can do it, so can you!

Our customers consistently report that the course has helped them to understand their car’s basic needs and requirements. We feel the £25 cost, including VAT, has helped to save our customers thousands of pounds in repair and maintenance over the years.

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